Wednesday, December 19, 2007

SDARA FUTSAL Season 2007 - Part 3

8 Debember 2007


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As expected and as usually the case, if the organiser said that the event will start at 8.00AM - then it meant you would be lucky if the first game would kick off at 9.00AM.

(L-R: Tobaq, Madey, Salah and Manan)

By quarter to eight Myself and our Top Striker (yang namanya tak perlu disebut) were the first to arrive at the venue. We didn't want to take any chance of being late and disqualified. There was no other participants around except for the Guard manning the entrance.

You can expect the normal banter when other members of the team started to arrive at the game venue from their breakfast session.

We were also glad that Salahudin and Madey voluntered themselves to join the team because our regulars, Chukai and Megat (Megat lagi?!!) were still recuperating from their injuries.

Kunta proudly showed his t-shirt sponsored by Durex. All of us doubted whether Kunta really cycled all the way from Putrajaya to Melaka - but that's another story in another entry.

Seen in the picture were Madiah, Lan Hassan (Batch '85) and Bappu.

Our Top Striker was in deep thought contemplating his next move.

Kunta seen here arranging the jerseys.

The Organiser later annaunced that the first game would commence at 8.45AM.

And we were definately ready for the challenge.

Next Change: Let the games begin!

Monday, December 17, 2007

SDARA FUTSAL Season 2007 - Part 2

8th December 2007

The match day begun as early as 6.35AM when I received an SMS from Balok:
"Dah cukup2 cabut la malam karang leh sumbat balik"
Tak guna punya kawan, ada ka pagi-pagi buta hantar macam tu punya message. I understand Balok sent the same message to other guys as well.

A day earlier, Cukai had reminded everybody to be gather at a mamak restaurant somewhere near the game venue by 7.00AM because participating teams were required to be at the game venue by 8.00AM.

By 7.10AM I called our top striker. We had earlier agreed to car pool and I was supposed to fetch him at his apartment. His 'mem' picked up the call; half awake she said our top striker was still in the bathroom, taking shower. Kah3x. I sent this message to Balok at 7.12AM:

"Gua rasa kita punya top striker ada celup la mlm td. Gua call tgh mandi. Tgh tunggu dia la ni."
Balok replied with this SMS at 7.14AM:

"He3 gua nk amik goalkepr bru lps melancp"
See, so much drama even before the games begun.

Tungguuuu......for the next entry. Nak kena buat kerja dulu lah.

SDARA FUTSAL Season 2007 - Part 1

Quick glance of the results were provided by Cukai in his email to our yahoogroups on 10th of December 2007. See below:


Team batch kita, dalam kemunculan kali pertama di Sdara Futsal tournament telah berjaya sampai ke peringkat Suku Akhir kategori Otai. Malangnya kita tewas pada team dari batch 93A dengan score 0-1. The sad thing is that team kita telah menewas kan team yang sama dengan score 3-1 semasa group game. Tapi macam mana pun aku nak ucapkan terima kasih pada semua yang bermain dan hadir, termasuk lah Cikgu Azizi Sihab. The photos will be posted in Sdar82-86 blog.

Group Game:

Sdar 92 vs Sdar 826 : 2 - 2 (Scorer: GS & Kunta)

Sdar 93A vs Sdar 826: 1 - 3 (Scorer: Udang, udang and only Udang)

Sdar 94B vs Sdar 826: 1 – 3 (Scorer: Udang, udang again, and only Udang)

Quarter Final:

Sdar 93A vs Sdar 826: 1 – 0

Finally, special thanks to Madey for:
sanggup datang jadi reserve player
satu lagi kotak mineral water
sponsoring the lunch
sponsoring the teh tarik session dengan Cikgu Azizi


-Cukai -


I have to apologize to all visitors of this blog for the delay in putting up with new entry(ies). I have received the pictures of our latest exploit at the SDARA Futsal Tournament 2007 held on 8th December 2007.

But I think before I upload the latest pictures, it is more appropriate to put up the full results of SDARA OTAI Challenge for record purposes.Click on the image for a larger version.

As you may have known, we lost in the final to SDARA batch 85-89 (Harnadim). The consolation was that Udang and Kunta were the top two scorers. Even Dr. Ah Siong managed to put his name in the list of goal poachers. Congrats guys!

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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

SDAR 50th Anniversary - Our Beloved Teachers

From Left: Cikgu Mohd Ariff (x-HM), Kumbil, Cheboom, Yazam and Bapak (partly hidden).

From Left: Kunta (yang padat tapi kencang), Zamri (Potet), Fazlal (Loghat), Mokhtar, Cikgu Mohd Ariff, Salahudin, Udang, Kumbil......and part of perut Cheboom.

From Left: Mokhtar (Sirup), Cikgu Mohd Ariff, Salahudin, Kumbil, Madrosham (Maddey), Nazmi (Naming) and Cheboom.

From right:
Cikgu Mastura, Cikgu Aidil, Cikgu Sazali Sam (yes, that's Cikgu Sam and I almost could not recognise him) and beloved Cheboom.

From right: Cikgu Sazali Sam, Cheboom, Cikgu Mohd Ariff Osman (x-HM), Cikgu Philip Lim and Cikgu Karthigesu.

Kedatangan yang dinanti-nanti.......Cheboom made a grand entrance.

Ibn Sina with their Puan Mastura. Senyuman Mastura masih seperti dulu. Tambah manis sekarang dengan bertudung.

Click on the pictures for larger image.